Ju Li's Graphics Software Archive

  • MIT 6.837 Computer Graphics codes (only works on SGI).

  • 2D multi-thread X-window animator (tar), mainly for physical simulations (screen-shot 1 and 2): multiple windows offering different perspectives simultaneously; mouse/keyboard driven translation and rotations; clipping + built-in PBC support; xpm/gif screenshots. Tested on SGI indy, origin 2000 and i386 RedHat Linux 5.2. Stable > 20/s frame-rate and occupying little system resources.

  • 3D multi-thread X-window animator (tar): linear+aerial perspective; full 3D navigation; periodic boundary conditions; approximate z-clipping; Postscript and xpm screenshots; dynamically tuned frame-rate; signal compatible. Usually achieves frame-rate > 16/s in real-time simulations on a PII 450. A simple viewer (v.c) of static atomic structures is no more than few lines of code calling W!

  • Atomistic Graphics with Anti-Aliasing
  • Rasmol for RedHat Linux 5.2 on i386 (csh script mol), also binaries for SGI and Sun.
    Email: lij@matsceng.ohio-state.edu, phone: 614-292-9743.