1. Superconductivity and Pronounced Electron-Phonon Coupling in Rock-Salt Al1-xO1-x and Ti1-xO1-x,
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  4. Can ChatGPT be used to generate scientific hypotheses?
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    A first-ever complete map for elastic strain engineering by Peter Reuell | MIT News Office.

  8. Exponentially Enhanced Non-Hermitian Cooling,
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  9. μeV-Deep Neutron Bound States in Nanocrystals,
    Hao Tang, Guoqing Wang, Paola Cappellaro and Ju Li, ACS Nano 18 (2024) 9063-9070.

    Study shows neutrons can bind to nanoscale atomic clusters known as quantum dots. The finding may provide insights into material properties and quantum effects by David L. Chandler | MIT News Office.

  10. Double Nitrogenation Layer Formed Using Nitric Oxide for Enhancing Li+ Storage Performance, Cycling Stability, and Safety of Si Electrodes,
    Rahmandhika Firdauzha Hary Hernandha, Bharath Umesh, Jagabandhu Patra, Chung-Jen Tseng, Chien-Te Hsieh, Ju Li and Jeng-Kuei Chang, Advanced Science (2024) 2310062.

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  12. Demonstration of Helide formation for fusion structural materials as natural lattice sinks for helium,
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  13. Tri-Metallic Catalyst for Oxygen Evolution Reaction Enables Continuous Operation of Anion Exchange Membrane Electrolyzer at 1A cm-2 for Hundreds of Hours,
    Ali Abdelhafiz, Mona H. Mohammed, Jehad Abed, Dong-Chan Lee, Mengjie Chen, Ahmed S. Helal, Zhichu Ren, Faisal Alamgir, Edward Sargent, Paul A. Kohl, Sameh K. Elsaidi and Ju Li, Advanced Energy Materials (2024) 2303350.

  14. Ionic Conduction-Based Polycrystalline Oxide Gamma Ray Detection - Radiation-Ionic Effects,
    Thomas Defferriere, Ahmed Sami Helal, Ju Li, Jennifer L. M. Rupp and Harry L. Tuller, Advanced Materials (2024) 2309253.
    Team discovers fundamentally new way to detect radiation involving cheap ceramics by Elizabeth A. Thomson | MIT Materials Research Laboratory.

  15. Highly Selective and Reversible Detection of Simulated Breath Hydrogen Sulfide Using Fe-Doped CuO Hollow Spheres: Enhanced Surface Redox Reaction by Multi-Valent Catalysts,
    Ki Beom Kim, Myung Sung Sohn, Sunhong Min, Ji-Wook Yoon, Jin-Sung Park, Ju Li, Young Kook Moon and Yun Chan Kang, Small (2024) 2308963.

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  19. Electrochemical Ionic Synapses with Mg2+ as the Working Ion,
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  20. Metal matrix composite with superior ductility at 800 C: 3D printed In718+ZrB2 by laser powder bed fusion,
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